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Tired of all this madness!

My oh my, I really don’t know what’s happening in our country now. Looks like the whole scandal thing is out of control already and it is way beyond apprehension of a normal person such as me. Days before was the sodomy case then after that DPM was accused of masterminding the whole sodomy scandal then yesterday was the juicy revelation in the statutory declaration….. and then …… taaaaaddddaaaaa ……. lo and behold …. within 24 hours that statutory was retracted saying that original SD was issued under tremendous pressure from some one.

I really don’t know what to believe anymore. Even a common citizen like me understand that SD is a serious matter and cannot play play one, but judging from the events these few days I think any Ali, Ah Kao, Abu can just issued a SD and have fun with it.

I don’t know what to believe now, everywhere you read is political oriented, either on the mainstream media or alternative media. I really don’t know what to believe now and I am really tired of reading all these news.

I think I am going to call it quits and stop reading newspaper, weblog or even watch news on TV. I think I want to stay away from all these for the coming weeks. I am really tired of all the political BS now. I am more interested to know how gomen going to help us to weather through the current fuel crisis, instead of the daily soap opera that make us a laughing stock especially in our neighboring countries. Really mind boggling…

And please those YBs in the Parliament, don’t just argue for the sake of cheap publicity. Please argue for the sake of the rakyat… no this is not a plea, this is a demand, because we are the one that elected you to the august house so you should be working for us and not against us. And stop those name calling and racial statements, don’t you understand what the rakyat actually wanted ? Aren’t you suppose to put our needs as your first priority ?

My oh my…… really headache….. I might as well call it quits and consider migrate to other country for the sake of my next generation. Otherwise they will continue to live in this big circus of the bolehland.

Tired…. really tired of all this madness 😦


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