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Déjà vu

I watched this movie earlier this week starring Denzel Washington.

“Deja vu” is sort of a phenomenon that I think most people might come across, whereby you experience something that you knew its new, but yet you got a feeling that it happened before.

The first time I heard this word was in the movie The Matrix when Neo saw the black cat twice. Anyway you can see the definition much more clearly in this wikipedia link.

Anyway, the movie doesn’t really have much relation to Deja vu, except at the end when Danzel Washington died and yet later he appeared to the alive and kicking. errr… shit, I am no good at explaining the movie so go and grab yourself this DVD from your ‘favorite DVD shop’ 🙂 and watch it.

What keeps me thinking long after watching the movie is about time travel. In the movie it mentioned that If we created enough energy to go faster than light, then a wormhole will be created and we will be able to travel across time. (Actually I learned this while reading Doraemon comics 20 years ago).

Assuming that we are able to travel faster than light, will we be able to go back to time? What will happened? Will there two ‘me’ appearing at the same place/time dimension?? mmm…. that would really freak me out!! If we able able to go back to the past, if we changed anything, what will be the consequences ? Will it has any affect on the present ?

Actually I am always fascinated by the concept of time travel, ever since that I read about the Time Machine in the Doraemon comics I always wanted to have a drawer that I can jump right in and travel across time.

I want to see the past, to understand where does all these stupid human race came from (I don’t think that we evolved from ape, I do believe that we were deposited by some alien onto planet earth o_o maybe some sort of experiment or simulation, probably the aliens were playing The Sim too…..) Sorry bit out of topic…. Anyway, I think that even if we able to create a wormhole and go back to time, we might be appearing in a ‘parallel universe’ whereby it is a different dimension than our past. What we do there will not affect what we are now, as it is on a different path in the parallel universe.

Anyway, the point of the blog posting is not about time travel/parallel universe theory, but, if you are able to travel back to your past, what do you want to do ? Is there any things that you wanted to change ? If there any decision that you have made previously that makes you wished you had a time machine and go back to right the wrong ?

As for me, I think everything happens for a reason, I do not want to change anything that already happened. Let bygone be bygone and move on with my life. I never regret things that I already done, I just try to learn from it and move on with my life. But I still wish that I can go back time and see how everything started in this universe and I wish to travel to future and see what does the future holds. Maybe can buy 1 Doraemon from the future and bring back for my kids 🙂 hehe… that will be great.

What about you ?


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