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My poor Rocky :(

That’s how my beloved dog looks like at the moment. He is so annoyed with the skin problem he got at around his neck area. Even with the plastic protector around his neck he still tried to scratch it. I think the itchiness is unbearable for him. Luckily today seems to be better as he didn’t bark as much compared to yesterday. Probably he is dizzy due to the medicine as well. Hopefully rocky will be back to his normal self within this few days…. poor little thing…. He looks very depressed. I can relate that to the pulsating tinnitus(not the normal tinnitus, this one you can feel the muscle inside the ear twitching rapidly, so unbearable) that I experienced last Dec. It was so terrible that I can’t live a normal life for 2 weeks. Luckily I meet a chinese doc that able to prescribe some herbs which cured this problem (although my normal tinnitus still there). During that time even the best ENT in town said don’t know what to do.

Anyway, I pray for Rockie’s speedy recovery.


Its shower time!

Last Saturday my girl friend was very anxious because she wanted to try out the doggie’s ‘health care’ products that she bought from S’pore (She buy, but I pay). The anti ticks/fleas shampoo seems to be effective as during the bath there were a few ticks/fleas (I can’t tell which is which) found dead in the water. After the bath she applied flea repellent on to his body, as well as getting him to take the supplementary food (some persuasion by force required).

While we are doing this, our cat (Xiao Bai) seems to be in bad mood, probably due to Rocky getting all the attention instead of him. You can tell from the photo that he is not in a good mood that day.

Hopefully after this the fleas and ticks will be getting lesser and this will stop Rocky from scratching himself.  Enjoy the photos!

Enjoying a thorough cleaning using anti ticks/fleas shampoo

aaaahhh…. si beh song!

Xiao Bai is not impressed at all.

Drying up

Applying ticks/fleas repellent

You human can’t even dry a dog ? Let me do it myself!

Rocky endorsing the products that he used

Wonder why he has such a long tongue…

Rocky going for food

Enjoying evening walk

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