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JustLife Organic Products

I would like to share with you some products that we bought from JustLife shop in Melaka. JustLife promotes healthy lifestyle by introducing organic and environmental friendly products which is quite interesting. My girlfriend and I became their regular customer and enrolled as member. Normally we will purchase some organic foods either as breakfast or as supplementary food to improve health condition. You and learn more about this from their website at Here are some of the products which I bought this week. ( Price indicated is member price as of 24th June 2008 )

Manuka Honey (UMF 25+) – RM88.20/250gm

This is one of the product that I think is highly recommendable for those with gastro-intestinal disorders. My g/f used to have esophagitis or GERD problem which always cause her to have stomach pain especially after meal. After taking Manuka honey for several months as well as taking doc’s medicine and control her diet, now the problem is gone. Manuka honey also improved the constipation problem that once bugged her. If you have similar issues I think you should try this (of course you will need to look after your food intake as well otherwise nothing can help you). You can see more info about Manuka honey from this website: (although it is different brand but I think the effects are more or less the same) There are several categories of UMF rating, such as 15, 18, 25 etc, but higher = pricier. Ask for their recommendation for the problem that you are facing.

Hot Oatmeal with Apple Cinnamon – RM 13.40/8 small packets

Next is the Hot Oatmeal with Apple Cinnamon which is quite tasty. Just add hot water then you will get a wholesome breakfast. Quick, easy and healthy.

Baby Rolled Oat – RM 6.20/500gm, Oat Bran – RM 7.10/500gm

G/f bought this for her mum. I think the taste is quite plain but its healthy food. Just add milk.

Bamboo Charcoal – RM 30 for 3pcs (depends on size)

You will be surprised with what this can do for you. This is sort of a natural cleanser/absorbent. My room used to be stuffy and smelly (as sometime i sweat at night) but after I placed few of this bamboo charcoal in my room, WALLA no more stuffy smells! You can place it in the water to sort of purify it and there’s many other usages, just ask the shop assistant and they will tell you about it.

Lifestories Monthly Magazine – FOC for members

We like the magazine very much as it contains information such as healthy lifestyle, organic products, environmental protection and etc. They don’t post the magazine to you, instead you will have to pick up the magazine from the shop which is perfectly ok for us as we go there almost monthly.

Lately the shop no longer provide plastic bags, instead they encouraged us to bring our own bag when visiting the shop. I think its a good idea and I hope other shops / shopping complex will start to do the same too. Plastic is bad for our earth so we should use less of it.

Talking about plastic and it’s harm to the planet, why not you check out this this blog, quite interesting on how to live a plastic-free life :



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