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Chiang Mai Trip – Dec’07 (Part 2/4)

Thailand is really a food and shopping heaven. In this part I would like to share some interesting photos related to food and night market during my trip to Chiang Mai. This is continued from my first part of the travelogue which you can see here.

*~~*~~*~~*~~ Part 2 *~~*~~*~~*~~*

2.1 Food (Damn nice food to be exact)

Nice food is abundant in Chiang Mai. You can buy local delights at the street stall, or you can enjoy nice meal in one of many restaurants available just anywhere. We enjoyed the food there very much and we would like to go back for more πŸ™‚

Some sort of pancake. Looks delicious but by the time I shoot this photo all been sold to a customer 😦

Grilled banana. We didn’t try it as its our 1st day in CM so got to take care our stomach πŸ™‚

Our very first candle light dinner. Very nice food at the “The Riverside” restaurant. Reasonable price even though it was packed with tourist. Its located along the riverbank so the scenery is very nice especially at night. They have river cruise dinner as well.

Deliciously looking strawberry. It is mixed with salt so you get the sweet-sour-salty taste which is quite nice blend. Available at night market.

The famous Chiang Mai sausage. Tasty!

Meatball. Regretfully we didn’t try this one as well (too much food, only 1 stomach… sigh )

Our favorite stall located diagonally opposite our guest house. It was introduced by Douglas (guest house owner). It serves several kind of noodles and pork leg. We ate at this stall for several nights – dinner as well as supper πŸ™‚

The noodle is quite different compared to what we have here. Slightly thicker than our mee hoon. It has a spicy taste. Very nice and cheap, 30 Baht for a bowl.

I can’t get enough of the pork leg!!! If not stopped by my gf I can eat this again and again, each and every night… hehe…. 50 Baht.

This restaurant near to Night Bazaar has menus in many languages.

A street stall selling all kind of deep fried food. Fish, prawn, meat, sausage and etc etc…

Dried lotus root, available in day market (we saw this at Warorot Market)

“Kalamae” – a popular northern Thailand dessert. Sort of our “Dodol” wrapped in banana leaf. Very nice!

This is another version of “Kalamae”. You can get many kind of flavors such as pandan, strawberry, coffee, chocolate, banana and of course…… DURIAN! We bought plenty of this back home.

A stall selling pancake with comic character. You select the character you want, then she will draw it on the hot metal plate and then press the pancake onto it. I think we can sell this idea at our Jonker Street as well πŸ™‚

This is a fried pork rice prepared specially by Stella (the co-owner of our guest house) She is a great cook. She always think of something special for her guests. Price is reasonable. I miss her Green Curry πŸ™‚

Packed food that can be bought at the night market.

Cuttle fish ready for some grilling actions πŸ™‚

“Kao Soi” – Chiang Mai famous curry noodle. Most of the restaurant serves this. Unfortunately we tried a little bit only because both of us were down with sore throat. It has a nice smell and creamy curry taste, and the mixture of boiled noddle and deep fried noodle is fantastic!

2.2 Bizarre Food

Ya we heard of all kind of bizarre food that one can get in Thailand. We do came across a few of them during our stay in Chiang Mai. Here’s some of the weird food.

All kind of deep fried insects are available. We didn’t dare to try though πŸ™‚

Silk worm – me no balls to try it.

Bamboo worm. Actually I took some other photos of the insects-on-sale but it was blur so I wouldn’t be posting it here. There were small cricket, big cricket, grasshopper and etc… You can get these at any of the night market.

Can you recognize what’s that ? hehe… its grilled frog… my goodness… They also sell life frog in plastic bag that you can bring back and BBQ it πŸ™‚ Do you dare to try this ?

My tour guide told me that’s cow’s uterus. Not sure true or not but surely very bizarre…..

Fried honeycomb. My gf tried 1 piece, weird taste πŸ™‚

2.3. Night Market

Chiang Mai is really a shopping heaven too. There are several night markets just like our pasar malam and there’s a permanent night bazaar located at Chang Klan road. You can buy lots of goodies from the night market. Just be sure to bargain. Most of the sellers can speak some English so bargaining is quite easy. Just make sure you bring enough cash because they don’t accept plastic money. hehe… by the time we reached home we were totally out of cash as we spend most of them buying things from the market.

Bustling with activities. The night market seems to go on and on and on with no ends. This is weekend market which located nearby our guest house.

Good place for ladies to hunt for all sort of things. Here’s my gf is trying out different hats before buying a nice one.

Cute hat πŸ™‚ Very colorful…

Handmade decoration items. Next time when I am going to move in to my new house I will definitely shop for decorative items from Chiang Mai.

All sorts of decorative lightings available.

I will get the Doraemon one next time πŸ™‚

Earrings. Plenty of design and selections.

Aren’t they cute…

Handmade wooden cat doll.

Bear attack!

Did I mentioned that you can get everything here – both imaginable and unimaginable πŸ™‚

Packed with people – Night Bazaar which is located about 20 minutes walk from our guest house

Too bad we were full so we didn’t try out the food at the food court.

Am I sexy ???

Banana Rotee

Unique handmade umbrellas. One of the special item in Chiang Mai.

Hand crafted flower from soap bar! Definitely a must buy but need to bargain hard. I got it for 120 Baht per piece but actually can be cheaper.

Cute looking pepper/salt container. Looks like a couple hugging each other but actually its 2 different containers.

Bought these t-shirts from the night bazaar.

Cute elephant t-shirt, for me and my gf.

*~~*~~*~~*~~ End of Part 2 *~~*~~*~~*~~*

Huh! That’s it for part 2 of my Chiang Mai travelogue. Its quite troublesome to post multiple photos into this blog. I hope WordPress will improve the image posting module so that multiple images can be posted at one go. Stay tuned for part 3 πŸ™‚



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