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Hello world!

My first ever blog!

Nowadays it seems like everyone (and his dog) has a blog! Yup, no kidding!

So, its seems just a matter of time that I also join this blog-thing 🙂

Since this is my first blog, probably i will just explain why the name ‘Ringingear’ was choosen as my blog name. Yup some people might already knew it… TINNITUS….

I suffered from Tinnitus for 3 years now. For those who doesn’t know what Tinnitus is, click here.

Its a high pitch ‘inggggggggggggggg’ noise in my right ear (had it in my left ear but seems like recored). Its a 24×7 nuisance which i have to live with for the time being (that is until someone able to ‘fix’ my problem).

From what I know (after seeing many docs and doing own research), Tinnitus is a symptom rather than a disease. You must cure the underlying causes in order to be able to get rid of the ringing in the ear. The problem is that its very hard to know what is the causes because….. ….. ….. because the docs I have seen told me its HARD to tell what’s wrong…

So, here I am with my ear ringing constantly, when I am awake, driving, working, sleeping etc etc….ya, you get the point….. Its damm annoying, but our body and mind can do wonders… after sometime my brain able to ‘filter’ this noise automatically so its quite acceptable now, although sometime before I sleep the noise can be quite disturbing but after a short while I just fall asleep naturally 🙂

Back to the topic… initially I wanted to name this blog “Rocky” (after our dog’s name) but obviously that’s a very common name which already being snapped by someone. I wanted to use “Papabear” but its was snapped too. Then I was into ‘deep thinking’ mode, and noticed my ear is ringing….so there you go… (notice that its ringingear and not ringingears coz at the moment only 1 ear is ringging. Probably I should go and register “Ringingears” as well, just in case 🙄 Ooops TOUCH WOOD!)

Ok lah (as typical Malaysian, we use “lah” excessively but I try to limit myself not to overdo it).

Hurray! My first post on my first blog. So what’s next?

Probably I will post something related to my thoughts, work, dog, trips, and some other things which I think might be interesting to the readers out there – most probably my SRJK(C) Cheng classmates.

And yes, please forgive my Engerish as I have been working in Japanese company long enough that my English is very much ‘broken’ now. Hopefully by doing blogging I can improve my English too. So if you see anything that ain’t right just post a comment 🙂 Thanks!



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