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Chiang Mai Trip – Dec’07 (Part 3/5)

*~~*~~*~~*~~ Part 3 *~~*~~*~~*~~*

3.1 Day trip to Lampang

Based on the recommendation of Nine (innkeeper of our guest house) we rented a private car and a driver. Our driver’s name was Mr. Kon and he was our driver and tour guide for the day. He able to communicate in English and was really a nice chap. Our destination was Lampang, about 1 hour+ drive from Chiang Mai City. The driver pick us up from our guest house, then we visited a old temple which i forgot the name of it, then we went to Lampang for elephant ride, bamboo rafting, visits Elephant Conservation Centre, day market and ends with a visit to massage center (which is a complementary service by Mr. Kon as it was not in our original travel plan). Here’s some photo taken during our trip to Lampang.

We have never ride an elephant before so the initial feeling was “WOW!!!” It was quite scary as we sit on the back of the elephant and the mahout sitting in front of us. It was quite a bumpy ride and at times we felt that we were going to fell off. Anyway its quite amazing that the elephant moves without much noise considering the size of it. The whole adventure consist of riding through a flat land, then into the jungle, up and down a hill, then the mahout suddenly went down from the elephant and asked me to be the mahout by sitting right on top of the elephant’s head. I was quite scary because I dont know if the elephant likes me or not. Then I got to ‘drive’ the elephant to go down hill and across a small river and back to our starting point. That’s quite an adventure for us πŸ™‚

Our shadow, with Mahout in front and 2 of us sitting at the back

Elephant actually is quite an hairy animal πŸ™‚ When I sat on top of his head I can feel his solid hair piercing through my jeans, quite uncomfortable actually.

We decided to take the bamboo rafting through a river, rather than white water rafting. Hehe I scared of drowning as I can’t swim at all. Anyway the bamboo rafting was quite interesting as we travel through the jungle’s river. The air was so refreshing that we hope we can spend more time there. By the time we reached the end point my pant was all wet. Luckily they have stall selling shirts and pants so I just purchase a new one and change it on the spot πŸ™‚

Lots of negative ions, very refreshing! Lots of fun too.

Some part of the river is quite calm and some the current is quite strong.

Then we visited the Elephant Conservation Center. There was this colorful elephant parade as we arrived there. Noticed this long elephant tusk ? I wonder how old this elephant is.

Elephant Show. Mostly demonstrated was the skills the elephants have used in the logging industry in the past as well as other skills that show us how amazingly intelligent they are.

“Picasso” at work. I have heard that elephant can draw but seeing it doing a live performance is unbelievable.

His drawing skill is 100 times better than me πŸ™‚

If I didn’t tell you would you have guested that this drawing came from an elephant ? πŸ™‚

This centre does a lot of good work in supporting and caring for elephants that have been born, orphaned, injured or donated. Here I am feeding a baby elephant. I didn’t know that elephant eats apple πŸ™‚

Awww… ain’t he cute ? πŸ™‚

Mother elephant grabbing dried grass from my gf. Mother elephant’s name is Pung Pompong. Cute name πŸ™‚

On our way back to Chiang Mai city we stopped at the day market along the road side. Its quite a huge market place and there was a lot of weird things on sale. Quite an eye opener actually. After this we felt really tired and our feet sored, so our driver sent us to a massage center for full body massage. Then he pick us up again and sent us back to our guest house. It was a really tiring but exciting day for us.

3.2 Day Trip to Doi Inthanon

On day 3 we booked a day trip to Doi inthanon National Park. Doi Inthanon is the highest peak in Thailand which is 2565m above sea level. Along the way there were various waterfalls and tribes villages along the way up to the summit. The tour agency pick us up in front of our guest house, in a 10 seater van. In our group there were some Thai people, a Japanese and we Malaysian.

Our first stop was the Wachiratharn Waterfall, a beautiful waterfall indeed. It’s one of the many waterfalls in Doi Inthanon and I think this one provides the most beautiful view (But we didn’t visit all the waterfalls so there maybe some other which are breathtaking as well)

A quick visit to the Karen’s village.

We stopped at the Royal Garden Siribhume. Very beautiful garden!

Lot’s of people camped here. I think they were here to celebrate 2008 New Year.

One thing we didn’t expect to see was Sakura flower. I thought we only able to see Sakura in countries such as Japan or Korea or China πŸ™‚

Beautiful isn’t it ? Calm and peaceful feeling.

Sakura flower close up. This is the first time my gf saw Sakura flower and she was very excited πŸ™‚

This small girl was selling dried flowers. Its quite pity that they have to work as such a young age. Anyhow when she asked for “free money” I hesitated and didn’t give any because I felt that she need to understand that nothing is ‘free’ in this world. But I bought 2 bunch of dried flower from her.

There’s a military setup on top of the Doi Inthanon. I think its a radar center. After I took this photo then I realized that photographing of the center is totally prohibited πŸ™‚

Highest point in Thailand, too bad it was too crowded so we didn’t manage to take our photo there. The weather was quite cold, around 11C so anyone going there should at least bring along a jacket.

On top of the Doi Inthanon there are 2 chedis – Napamaytanidol Chedi. These temples were built to honor the 60th birthday of the King and Queen in 1987 and 1992 respectively. The Chedi was facing each other on neighboring hills, about 100 meters from each other.

Yours truly.

There was this beautiful garden around the chedis.

Buddha’s statue inside the Queen’s chedi.

Since no one there to help us so we have to take our own photo by ourself πŸ™‚ Anyway the view is breathtaking and we enjoyed our trip to Doi Inthanon very much. Definitely a must-visit place for anyone visiting Chiang Mai.

*~~*~~*~~*~~ End of Part 3 *~~*~~*~~*~~*


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