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The 11th Hour

I watched a documentary several days ago – “The 11th Hour” narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

I think this is a good documentary and everyone should watch it. We need to understand that we are at the brink of disaster due to global warming. The movie highlights the main causes of the global warming such as greenhouse gases, deforestation, water pollution and etc. All these are due to human beings’ activities that bring harms to the nature. Its important for us to realize that our present generation must START to right the wrongs, we need to understand our impact to nature and how we should change our lifestyle so that our future can enjoy a better environment. WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION NOW!

Actually in our company this year we started to emphasized on the CO2 reduction. Lots of manufacturing processes being reviewed and drastic actions being taken to reduce CO2 emission. On top of that we have a new policy whereby office air conditioner’s temperature cannot be lower than 28C(used to be around 25C, its quite hot actually but we will get used to it). We also off the lights during non working hours such as break and lunch time. There’s a lot of activities being carry out and I hope other companies will at least take some measures in order to contribute to preserving our nature.

So, maybe you can start to do something about your working environment, how to reduce electricity consumption, how to reduce CO2 emission and etc.

On the other hand, we also need to consider what we can do as an individual. How we can change our lifestyle so that we can reduce our impact to our beloved earth ? I have personally made a few pledges that I would like to start doing.

1) I will not use my car’s air conditioner when driving to and back from work.

2) If I used the air conditioner in my room at night, I will use to timer to off it after 2 hours.

3) I not use plastic bags when go for shopping. I will carry my own shopping bag.

4) I will use lesser amount of water when doing my washing and shower. I will not waste water.

5) I will create awareness in my family and my friends, to understand the seriousness of global warming.

By the way, do visit and register yourself. You can calculate what is your ECP (Earth Conservation Plan) score, your CO2 impact to earth and you can get plenty of ideas on what you can do to help to heal our earth.

I hope you can share this message with people that you know and let’s start to make a different!



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