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Our new family member ;)

I think its official! I would like to declare my house as animal shelter, all stray dogs, cats are welcome to stay with us 🙂 hehe. This is the latest addition to our family, a British Bulldog, though I am not sure whether its a pure breed or not.

Last Friday mum was hanging around the car porch when she saw a cute dog wondering around our neighborhood. Some of the neighbors saw the dog but ignored him. Then my mum quickly wake up my dad and asked him to lure the dog. I guess my father a way with animals as the dog just came to him. At first we thought that someone must have lost his dog, so dad and mum was waiting for someone to appear searching for the dog. But the day passed quickly and no one approached us. Dad and mum felt like its quite unsafe to release the dog and let him wanders around, so they decided to keep him until his owner appeared.

3 days passed and no one appear to be searching for him. What a pity as he is such a cute dog. We all like him very much so we decided to keep him, although we know that all these ‘branded’ dog require high running cost. Anyway we have not give him a name yet. I don’t know what name suitable for a bulldog, ‘Rocky’ would be nice but it’s already given to the other dog. Any ideas ? 🙂

One funny thing is that Rocky is very ‘interested’ in this bulldog. He kept on sniffing him (sniffing his bottom and private part actually). Then the unimaginable things happened. Rocky tried to climb on top of this poor bulldog and try to f@#% him. OMG!!!!! Rocky is a gay !!!!! OMG OMG OMG……..

Anybody knows what to do ah ? I don’t know how I should ‘educate’ Rocky, so that he become straight again… Any bright brain out there please help. At the moment we have to separate these 2 dogs else…. huh…

So… all in all, we have in total 6 dogs and 2 cats now… And I think the number will further increase… hehe…

Got to marry and produce some grandchild for my parent soon, else then will open a zoo i think 🙂


Cute little bulldog, but quite heavy actually.

Enjoying the evening sun after taking a bath

Enjoying the evening sun after taking a bath




Look at ma face, am I handsome or what ?? 😉


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