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Anwar Ibrahim’s visit to Cheng Melaka

This is a belated blog of an event happened on 18th July 2008 – the day when Anwar Ibrahim visited our village (my neighbor’s house to be exact) as part of his country wide ‘tour’. It was an exciting day for our ‘kampung’ people because this is the first time such VVIP (ex DPM, and PM-in-waiting) visits to our village to give talks. When I reached home from work at about 6.30pm there were some food stalls being setup and there was even a durian stall at the roadside. My goodness!

I brought along my DSLR to attend the event, hoping to be able to catch some photos of Anwar Ibrahim. It’s not everyday that you got a chance to see such VVIP in real person so definitely cannot let go such opportunity. Initially the crowd was small and some people went on stage to give speech but response was ‘cold’ as there weren’t many people. Then around 8.30pm the crowd start to build and by the time Anwar reached It was so crowded, I think at peak there’s about 4000 people! This is the first time our village has such huge crowd attending a single function!

Anyway, I am not going to dwell into the political messages that being brought up that night, you can read it from here or here. Personally I think that among the existing bunch of politicians, Anwar Ibrahim is by far the greatest orator in our country (on par with Dr M). He was able to deliver his thoughts and political visions clearly and made people believed in his ideology. Although I am not 100% sure whether he meant what he said during that night, as we all know that politic is dirty, but judging based on the crowd’s response he definitely got it right. His speech lasted about 40 minutes and the crowd enjoyed each and every moment of it. At the middle of his speech there’s some police officer tried to stop him but Anywar’s lawyer able to ‘persuade’ the police to let him continue on his speech. I heard there’s also road block setup by the police around the village area. Fortunately there was no unwanted incidents during this event.

The whole function ended at around 9.30pm and the crowd move slowly leaving the venue. I felt tired due to the packed crowded, as well as due to hectic day in the office, but I felt excited as I was able to capture some nice photos 🙂 see it below 🙂

Mr Lim’s house compound used as the venue for PKR’s roadshow talk

Forgotten his name but a fiery and capable speaker nonetheless

Mr Anwar Ibrahim’s arrival being greeted by swarm of crowd

In feisty mood during his speech

Anwar giving his speech while his security guard keeping a close watch

Making a point, animated as usual

The crowd sitting in front of the stage listening attentively

“The next day after we formed the government, we will reduce petrol price by 50 cents!” – and the crowd cheered!

“And that is just a start, we will reduce further to lighten the burden of the people.” (If i remember correctly)

Promoting the CD containing debate session between Anwar and Minister of Information

That’s all folks! If you intend to use any of the photo in this post do let me know.



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