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Busy busy busy

Sorry again for the lack of update, being really busy after come back from Kuching. Several things to be taken care of:

1) Sell of my car, in fact I just get all the documentation done and receive the payment from the car dealer. I bought the car 9 years back for RM 62,000 and only managed to sell it to car dealer for RM 6,500. My goodness a lost of RM 56,000 over 9 years period. Pengsan! But no choice la since I am moving to Singapore no point keeping the car although I will miss ‘him’ very much.

2) Renting out my house. Bought a house few years back and was ‘deserted’ for 2 years since I have not figure out what to do with it since my work is not firmed. But now everything is cleared so I wanted to rent it out rather than sell it. But actually the rental is quite low, only RM450 per month for the whole unit. What to do, the economy condition is bad and the rental around that area is quite cheap. My mortgage repayment is around 950 per month so I still have to top upΒ  500 every month. I guess it should be ok, just hope that the tenant will take good care of my house. Now we are busy getting the house ready for the tenant (water, electricity, grills, lamps, fan etc etc, cost me lots of $$$$$ )

3) Still many documents have yet to be completed in order to hand over to my team, die don’t know can manage to finish it off or not!

Well, I have not post about the wedding photo shot session which I have gone through, will do it once I can find free slot in my busy schedule.

I still have my shopping to be done prior to move to Singapore and subsequently flying off to Denmark, busy busy busy…..

Cheers… in a rush….


13th Oct 2008, Officially Mr & Mrs Chong

Yeah ! Finally we have gone through our wedding registration without any incidents πŸ™‚ Well initially we thought our wedding registration will have to be put on hold as there’s a small fine print in the wedding registration form stating that if one is from other district, he/she should stay at least 7 days in Kuching prior to wedding registration. Well luckily that rules applied only if he/she having the wedding registration done at the government office. Our registration is done at the Teo-Chew association hence that rule does not apply. Lucky us πŸ™‚ Below are some of the photos to share with you guys!
The ever famous Statutory Declaration, well, mine was not as 'juicy' as the one by Bala, just a declaration that I am single and not married anywhere. I am not sure whether in west Malaysia this is a requirement or not, but over here if the other half is from west Malaysia, then a Statutory Declaration is required. Very serious neh.

The ever famous Statutory Declaration, well, mine was not as 'juicy' as the one by Bala, just simple statement declaring that I am single and not married anywhere. Not sure whether this is required over West Malaysia or not, but here if the other half is from West Malaysia, a SD is required, very serious de neh πŸ™‚


We sat around the conference style table with the registration officer sitting in the middle. We felt like attending a board meeting more than wedding registration πŸ˜› The officer briefed us on some of the clauses in relation to Malaysia Marriage Law.

Putting my signature onto the wedding certificate. Sort of a contract signing ceremony whereby both party and the witness need to sign the paper.


My ah dear sign the document as well. No turning back from here onwards πŸ˜›


The wedding officer asked why our signature looks alike. Hehe, no choice both of us having the same surname (but different chinese character). Anyway my wife said this officer looks like Mario (the plumber in the Super Mario game) πŸ˜›


The "I DO" segment πŸ™‚ Well not as romantic as what we have seem zillion-th times on the TV but yet a very special moment for both of us.


Our wedding ring, bought from Poh Heng in Singapore. We like the simple design. Unfortunately it is not a 'comfort fit' version but that's alright for us.

Our wedding ring, bought from Poh Heng in Singapore. We like the simple design. Unfortunately it is not a 'comfort fit' version, but that's alright for us. We noticed that Singapore's gold has more shine to it as compared to Malaysia's gold.

Exchanging our wedding ring. Actually the wedding registration does not include a ring exchange ceremony. The officer just said that the wedding registration is complete, we can proceed with what ever ceremony that we want to carry on.

Exchanging our wedding ring. Actually the wedding registration does not include a ring exchange ceremony. The officer just said that the wedding registration is complete, we can proceed with what ever ceremony that we want to carry on. So we fast-hand-fast-leg exchange our wedding ring.

) He is a nice chap in deed.

Group photo with Mr Mario, err i mean Mr Goh the wedding registration officer πŸ™‚ He is a nice chap in deed.

All in all the whole process lasted about 30 minutes. Faster that what we would imagine. Anyway, 13th October 2008, a date which we changed our status from ‘single’ to ‘married’, a date which we will never forget (I hope I will not forget even for once else she will definetely scream at me πŸ˜› ). The whole feeling of getting married have yet to sink in, IΒ guess in the coming weeks we will start to realize slowly what being married really feels like πŸ˜‰ But this is only the first part of the whole marriage process, as we still got our Chinese wedding ceremony to go through.

That’s all for this post now, later if I have time I will post another blog about our wedding photo shot session. Yah I went through the whole photo shot session without loosing my temper and survived it πŸ˜› Will share with you guys later.

Cheers from Kuching!



Pre-marriage syndrome?

I am still having the giddiness which has been bothering me for almost 3 weeks! Went to hospital to see an ENT yesterday and he prescribes some medicine for me. Hopefully after completing the medicine it will recover. I feel very tired everyday, something like motion sickness. It affects my concentration especially at work.

One of my net friend says that I might be getting pre-marriage syndrome. πŸ˜‰ I doubt so πŸ˜›

This Saturday will fly off to Kuching, then Monday will be having our wedding registration, and Tuesday is the wedding photo shot day. I hope my giddiness will go away otherwise I don’t know how I can go through the photo shot properly.

Will be staying in Kuching until end of next week, hopefully before I return to Melaka I will be able to choose the photos to be developed.



Our new family member ;)

I think its official! I would like to declare my house as animal shelter, all stray dogs, cats are welcome to stay with us πŸ™‚ hehe. This is the latest addition to our family, a British Bulldog, though I am not sure whether its a pure breed or not.

Last Friday mum was hanging around the car porch when she saw a cute dog wondering around our neighborhood. Some of the neighbors saw the dog but ignored him. Then my mum quickly wake up my dad and asked him to lure the dog. I guess my father a way with animals as the dog just came to him. At first we thought that someone must have lost his dog, so dad and mum was waiting for someone to appear searching for the dog. But the day passed quickly and no one approached us. Dad and mum felt like its quite unsafe to release the dog and let him wanders around, so they decided to keep him until his owner appeared.

3 days passed and no one appear to be searching for him. What a pity as he is such a cute dog. We all like him very much so we decided to keep him, although we know that all these ‘branded’ dog require high running cost. Anyway we have not give him a name yet. I don’t know what name suitable for a bulldog, ‘Rocky’ would be nice but it’s already given to the other dog. Any ideas ? πŸ™‚

One funny thing is that Rocky is very ‘interested’ in this bulldog. He kept on sniffing him (sniffing his bottom and private part actually). Then the unimaginable things happened. Rocky tried to climb on top of this poor bulldog and try to f@#% him. OMG!!!!! Rocky is a gay !!!!! OMG OMG OMG……..

Anybody knows what to do ah ? I don’t know how I should ‘educate’ Rocky, so that he become straight again… Any bright brain out there please help. At the moment we have to separate these 2 dogs else…. huh…

So… all in all, we have in total 6 dogs and 2 cats now… And I think the number will further increase… hehe…

Got to marry and produce some grandchild for my parent soon, else then will open a zoo i think πŸ™‚


Cute little bulldog, but quite heavy actually.

Enjoying the evening sun after taking a bath

Enjoying the evening sun after taking a bath




Look at ma face, am I handsome or what ?? πŸ˜‰



Yeh, finally tendered my resignation letter today. Yesterday I had a small discussion with my local boss and he agrees with my decision. He feel that the new company might be able to offer a better job prospect too. So today I get my boss and HRA GM to sign my resignation letter. Huh, quite nervous because this is first time I submit a resignation letter πŸ™‚ Guess there’s a first time for everything.

Once I get it signed and submit to HRA, I have a mixed feeling. Feel sad that this moment came earlier than I initially thought. On the other hand I felt excited with the new roles and responsibility as well as new working culture that I am going to face soon. I told a few of my closer colleague about my resignation and they were quite sad about it. It touches me when i felt the sincere sadness and concern from the colleagues. Well they do understand that If I am going to achieve something I have to move on.

My resignation notice is 3 months (huh, wonder why so long). Anyway my boss said its ok for me to offset my notice period with my balance leave. Guest what, I have 44.5 days of balance leave! hehe…. That’s the good point of not taking leaves because you can use it to offset your notice period. After I check and recheck my schedule I think my last day in the office will be around 20th Oct. Then I have about 1 week+ gap before joining new company. I have to settle some arrangement related to our weddings. The new company wanted to sent me for training once I join in Nov, hence in Nov and Dec I think I will not have the time to arrange my personal matters, so better to do it soon.

IΒ  can’t imagine how am I going to react when saying goodbye to my colleagues on my last day. Will I cry ? Aiyo really can’t imagine….. hehe… will tell you more once the time comes.



Dragon Fruit

I guess many people has eaten, or at least seen a Dragon Fruit before (aka Pitahaya or η«ιΎ™ζžœ/ιΎ™η ζžœ, see Wikipedia). But seldom people know how does a Dragon Fruit tree looks like, and not many has seen how beautiful the flower looks like before it transformed into Dragon Fruit. Ok maybe you have seen the tree but I bet you have not seen the flower. The reason for this is that the flower only flourished in the night so unless you plant the fruit or you pass through a Dragon Fruit farm at night, most probably you don’t know what the flower looks like.

So you are in luck πŸ™‚ Your truly, erm… actually my dad plant some Dragon Fruits and I managed to snap some photo to share with you. Here goes…

Dragon Fruits tree. It is from the cactus family.

Dragon Fruits tree. It is from the cactus family. Father planted about 20 bunch of it.

Dragon Fruit flower blooms at night. It is a very pretty and smells nice too. The flower is quite huge, almost 2 or 3 times my hand.

Dragon Fruit flower blooms at night. It is a very pretty and smells nice too. The flower is quite huge, almost 2 or 3 times the size of my hand.

A look from another angle. The flower also known as Moonflower or Queen of the Night. Pretty name for a beautiful flower πŸ™‚

Father is 'manually' transfering the pollen from one flower to another. This is because the flower only blooms at night so that's no natural agent that do the job. If you don't do it manually, all you will end up with is just a pretty flower, no fruit at all πŸ™‚

Some flower is quite high so have to use chair and climb up. Dad is camera shy that's why he is not facing the camera directly πŸ™‚ Sorry for the half-nude photo because that's how my dad like to be. Mum is shouting from house that asking my dad to wear cloth as his son is taking his photo and going to post on internet. Sorry dad, too late... hehe... I hope mum wouldn't mind.

As you can see, there's plenty of flower and I tell you it smells so nice.

As you can see, there are many flowers blooming at the same time. The flower will last only 1-2 nights so you got to transfer the pollen immediately if you see the flower blooms. The smells in our garden that night was really nice πŸ™‚ Again dad is turning his back towards me.

This is how the flower looks like in the next day. All closed and ready to tranform into juicy sweet fruit.

This is how the flower looks like in the next day. All closed and ready to transform into juicy sweet fruit.


1-2 weeks later(sorry not sure) the dragon fruit will turn into red color. It is ripe now and ready to be serve....into my stomach πŸ™‚

Hope you guys (especially those staying in BIG city) now have a clearer understanding about Dragon Fruit πŸ™‚



Wind of change coming my way

I made a BIG decision last week when I was in Singapore, in regards to my work. Actually before I went to Singapore I already being scheduled for a job interview there. On that day I rushed from my work directly to Fullerton hotel for the interview. Gosh I was so nervous because I have not gone through any job interview (as interviewee) in the past 10 years! My palm was sweating and I don’t know what to be expected.Its a European company which has production, sales, and R&D centers across the world. Market leader in modern energy. (Can’t reveal more at the moment)

The interviewer consists of 3 nationalities: German, Denmark and India. The whole interview session lasted for almost 1.5 hours and by the time I walked out of the room i felt so exhausted πŸ™‚ I would rate my performance only a 7/10 because there were several questions that I didn’t manage to answer properly. But I think they liked my character as I was being honest and straightforward to them. During the interview, unconsciously I always used the word ‘we’ instead of ‘I’. The guy stopped me and asked why I phrase my answer in such a way, then I realized it and told them that I have been working with my team so its always a ‘we’ and not ‘I’. I thought it was wrong for me to not emphasize my value, but they told me they appreciate it very much, they want people whole can work as a team, because in their company there’s only the team, and no individuals. So I think I strike a home-run with that, unconsciously πŸ™‚Β  Anyway I didn’t put any high hope of making the cut because I felt that the gap between my capabilities and the one that they were looking for was quite substantial.

But next day the agent called me (the arrangement was done through an agent), and said that they accepted me and told me the salary that they would be offering. Its quite a substantial increase from what I am having now (even without considering the exchange rate). But after some discussion with my good friend/colleague in Singapore, I upped my request and finally they accepted. And they gave me some reallocation allowance too, although I didn’t ask for it. Such a generous company. As part of the initiation/training program they will send me and other newcomers to Denmark for 2 months, that sounds excellent for me πŸ™‚

I was so anxious and I don’t know what I should do next, because my boss is currently arranging my visit to Japan in order to discuss my future career path. Finally I decided to talk to my boss openly and he understood my rationale behind the decision and agreed with it. I know he must be very disappointed with my decision to quit the company but ultimately as a friend he hoped that I can have a brighter future, as compared to what is possible in the current company.

All in all I was very grateful for my boss to accept my decision whole heartedly. Its never an easy decision on my part but after considering many things (work prospect, pay, my wife, parents etc etc), I felt that the timing was right for me to have a career change, and hopefully a good turning point in my life.

My girlfriend was so shocked with the speed of my decision. πŸ™‚ The man that she knows always lived in a comfort zone and very seldom make a big decision in such a speedy manner. She worried that I will be ‘downgraded’ when I took up the new job because it seems like I am will not be involved in management area, instead I will be specifically assigned to a particular functional area. But I talked to her that one can excel no matter in what condition, as long as we work enthusiastically and of course smartly. She always thought that I wanted to work in Japan with present company, and I would definitely reluctant to work in Singapore. All in all I managed to surprised her, something that only happen once in a blue moon πŸ™‚

Anyway, I have yet to tender in my resignation, because I have yet to receive the offer letter from the company as they need some time to prepare it. I hope next week I can receive it, and then I shall inform my management officially of my decision. Nonetheless, I have inform my boss (2 of them actually) about my consideration, I don’t want to come to office and just give them the resignation letter, I think I have been working with them for 12 years and they been taking good care of me, so I should at least let them know what’s going on, as a sign of respect to them.

Well, I am definitely looking forward for the new challenges, Its time for me to breath in ‘new’ air, European air that is, after inhaling Japanese air for so long πŸ™‚ Everyone that I know, who walked out of the Japanese ‘door’ to European/American company told me of the big culture difference, so its about time for me to find it out.

I will disclose more about my new employment in due course, after I put my signature on the dotted line πŸ™‚


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