Busy busy busy

Sorry again for the lack of update, being really busy after come back from Kuching. Several things to be taken care of:

1) Sell of my car, in fact I just get all the documentation done and receive the payment from the car dealer. I bought the car 9 years back for RM 62,000 and only managed to sell it to car dealer for RM 6,500. My goodness a lost of RM 56,000 over 9 years period. Pengsan! But no choice la since I am moving to Singapore no point keeping the car although I will miss ‘him’ very much.

2) Renting out my house. Bought a house few years back and was ‘deserted’ for 2 years since I have not figure out what to do with it since my work is not firmed. But now everything is cleared so I wanted to rent it out rather than sell it. But actually the rental is quite low, only RM450 per month for the whole unit. What to do, the economy condition is bad and the rental around that area is quite cheap. My mortgage repayment is around 950 per month so I still have to top up  500 every month. I guess it should be ok, just hope that the tenant will take good care of my house. Now we are busy getting the house ready for the tenant (water, electricity, grills, lamps, fan etc etc, cost me lots of $$$$$ )

3) Still many documents have yet to be completed in order to hand over to my team, die don’t know can manage to finish it off or not!

Well, I have not post about the wedding photo shot session which I have gone through, will do it once I can find free slot in my busy schedule.

I still have my shopping to be done prior to move to Singapore and subsequently flying off to Denmark, busy busy busy…..

Cheers… in a rush….


1 Response to “Busy busy busy”

  1. 1 novice101
    November 11, 2008 at 11:31 am

    Congratulations on your wedding and on securing a new job. Hope you are not too busy to help another.


    Please pass it along to your friends.

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