Been lagging in updating my blog.

Have not been feeling well lately, not sure why. Having this dizziness although not very serious but quite annoying. Reminds me of the vertigo sickness which I had several years ago. It took me several months to fully recover. Hopefully this time around it is not vertigo and hopefully this weekend I can rest more at home and it will just go away 🙂

By the way, I bought a scrapbook last Sunday which I want to pass to my colleagues for them to write some notes for me to keep as memento 🙂 I got this idea when I read an article on newspaper about the autograph which we used to write when graduate from primary or secondary school. I want to remember my colleagues and friends here as they really enriched my life in many different ways. They were very shocked actually when hearing from me that I am going to leave the company soon. In their eyes I belong to the group of people that 100% loyal employee, hehe.

Initially I wanted to write the preface, but after checking my handwriting again I felt that it’s better to print it out rather than handwriting 🙂 Nowadays very seldom write so handwriting is very stiff… hehe… So I browse the internet to get some idea of what to write onto the preface, then copy-paste-modify-decorate… and tada….. here’s my preface on the scrapbook.

I like the font very much, it’s called SAGINAW and you can get it here for free. The cute boy waving goodbye clipart is cute too 🙂 Anyway, let’s hope they will write something nice and funny, then I will share it here 🙂

Oh ya, should begin my countdown to my ‘departure’ from this company. My last day will be on 21st October hence there’s another 29 days to go. Feeling both excited and sad…..



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