Yeh, finally tendered my resignation letter today. Yesterday I had a small discussion with my local boss and he agrees with my decision. He feel that the new company might be able to offer a better job prospect too. So today I get my boss and HRA GM to sign my resignation letter. Huh, quite nervous because this is first time I submit a resignation letter 🙂 Guess there’s a first time for everything.

Once I get it signed and submit to HRA, I have a mixed feeling. Feel sad that this moment came earlier than I initially thought. On the other hand I felt excited with the new roles and responsibility as well as new working culture that I am going to face soon. I told a few of my closer colleague about my resignation and they were quite sad about it. It touches me when i felt the sincere sadness and concern from the colleagues. Well they do understand that If I am going to achieve something I have to move on.

My resignation notice is 3 months (huh, wonder why so long). Anyway my boss said its ok for me to offset my notice period with my balance leave. Guest what, I have 44.5 days of balance leave! hehe…. That’s the good point of not taking leaves because you can use it to offset your notice period. After I check and recheck my schedule I think my last day in the office will be around 20th Oct. Then I have about 1 week+ gap before joining new company. I have to settle some arrangement related to our weddings. The new company wanted to sent me for training once I join in Nov, hence in Nov and Dec I think I will not have the time to arrange my personal matters, so better to do it soon.

I  can’t imagine how am I going to react when saying goodbye to my colleagues on my last day. Will I cry ? Aiyo really can’t imagine….. hehe… will tell you more once the time comes.



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