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Been lagging in updating my blog.

Have not been feeling well lately, not sure why. Having this dizziness although not very serious but quite annoying. Reminds me of the vertigo sickness which I had several years ago. It took me several months to fully recover. Hopefully this time around it is not vertigo and hopefully this weekend I can rest more at home and it will just go away 🙂

By the way, I bought a scrapbook last Sunday which I want to pass to my colleagues for them to write some notes for me to keep as memento 🙂 I got this idea when I read an article on newspaper about the autograph which we used to write when graduate from primary or secondary school. I want to remember my colleagues and friends here as they really enriched my life in many different ways. They were very shocked actually when hearing from me that I am going to leave the company soon. In their eyes I belong to the group of people that 100% loyal employee, hehe.

Initially I wanted to write the preface, but after checking my handwriting again I felt that it’s better to print it out rather than handwriting 🙂 Nowadays very seldom write so handwriting is very stiff… hehe… So I browse the internet to get some idea of what to write onto the preface, then copy-paste-modify-decorate… and tada….. here’s my preface on the scrapbook.

I like the font very much, it’s called SAGINAW and you can get it here for free. The cute boy waving goodbye clipart is cute too 🙂 Anyway, let’s hope they will write something nice and funny, then I will share it here 🙂

Oh ya, should begin my countdown to my ‘departure’ from this company. My last day will be on 21st October hence there’s another 29 days to go. Feeling both excited and sad…..



Everybody lies…

I like to watch Dr. House. In the drama Dr. House used to say ‘everybody lies’. YEP, its true, everyone, including politician, either from government or opposition, they lie and lie and lie! Everybody in the office was not in working mood yesterday, which is 16th Sep. The ‘holy’ day according to opposition leader Mr. Anwar that they will topple the government. Although I think initially most of the people does not think it is possible, but as 16th Sep getting nearer, Mr. Anwar is feeding lots of statement to the public, eventually everyone starts to believe that that’s the D-Day for the government. Everyone awaits a new era of Malaysian political scene. Well what do you know….nothing, nothing really happened!

So, back to square now, I think the only person benefited from all these huh-hah is our DPM, now he got the Finance Minister portfolio, well that’s nothing new as my gf already held that portfolio long ago 😉

I am not sure how Mr. Anwar going to convince the public after this, his reputation is totally shattered from my view, and I think a lot of people share the same feeling. Hopefully he will prove us wrong but at the moment it seems very unlikely.

Well, it sucks!


Product of my new employer

Received confirmation on my Employment Pass today. So now I can disclose a bit about my new employer 🙂 My new company is a market leader in Wind Energy, producing various models of Wind Turbine (or Windmill). The first time I saw the Wind Turbine I have that ‘love at first sight’ kind of feeling. Such a graceful structure. Furthermore its a eco-product so I am proud to be part of an organization which contributes directly in reducing our global CO2 footprint. I am lucky to be accepted to be part of company and I am really looking forward to it.

Below are some of the photos of the Wind Turbine that manufactured by my new employer (got it from Flicker). Hopefully sooner or later I can have chance to capture the actual Wind Turbine’s photo using my own camera.

😉 cheers!

above blue sky fog clouds work nebraska energy power wind no samsung windmills clean where middle source windfarm renewable ainsworth digimax s500 windturbines vestas v82 nickhess
denmark aphrodite danmark windfarm nostalgi københavn vindmølle afrodite vestas vindmøller middelgrund voetmann jespervoetmannmikkelsen worldslargestoffshorewindfarm hulkhulk ireallymisssailing nowifeellikecrying maybeimissedsailingmorethanithought
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windmill texas windturbine windpower lubbock vestas americanwindpowercenter
cloud wind farm palo etna turbine hdr catania alternative windfarm vento ragusa energia impianto dinamo turbina vizzini alternativa vestas endesa elica kwh eolico elettricita pulita generatore eolican
beach windmill grid wind philippines electricity pebblebeach powerplant luzon turbines windturbines ilocosnorte bangui rotors vestas powergeneration wowphilippines luzongrid vestasnm82 nm82

sea architecture buildings energy philippines structures windmills shore electricity pebblebeach powerplant pinoy windenergy turbines windturbines ilocosnorte bangui vestas wowphilippines banguibay ilocosregion
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field yellow gelb april grün raps windfarm canola schleswigholstein holstein windenergy acker rapeseed dithmarschen windenergie vestas wöhrden windradfrühling wöhrdenerhafen

Our new family member ;)

I think its official! I would like to declare my house as animal shelter, all stray dogs, cats are welcome to stay with us 🙂 hehe. This is the latest addition to our family, a British Bulldog, though I am not sure whether its a pure breed or not.

Last Friday mum was hanging around the car porch when she saw a cute dog wondering around our neighborhood. Some of the neighbors saw the dog but ignored him. Then my mum quickly wake up my dad and asked him to lure the dog. I guess my father a way with animals as the dog just came to him. At first we thought that someone must have lost his dog, so dad and mum was waiting for someone to appear searching for the dog. But the day passed quickly and no one approached us. Dad and mum felt like its quite unsafe to release the dog and let him wanders around, so they decided to keep him until his owner appeared.

3 days passed and no one appear to be searching for him. What a pity as he is such a cute dog. We all like him very much so we decided to keep him, although we know that all these ‘branded’ dog require high running cost. Anyway we have not give him a name yet. I don’t know what name suitable for a bulldog, ‘Rocky’ would be nice but it’s already given to the other dog. Any ideas ? 🙂

One funny thing is that Rocky is very ‘interested’ in this bulldog. He kept on sniffing him (sniffing his bottom and private part actually). Then the unimaginable things happened. Rocky tried to climb on top of this poor bulldog and try to f@#% him. OMG!!!!! Rocky is a gay !!!!! OMG OMG OMG……..

Anybody knows what to do ah ? I don’t know how I should ‘educate’ Rocky, so that he become straight again… Any bright brain out there please help. At the moment we have to separate these 2 dogs else…. huh…

So… all in all, we have in total 6 dogs and 2 cats now… And I think the number will further increase… hehe…

Got to marry and produce some grandchild for my parent soon, else then will open a zoo i think 🙂


Cute little bulldog, but quite heavy actually.

Enjoying the evening sun after taking a bath

Enjoying the evening sun after taking a bath




Look at ma face, am I handsome or what ?? 😉


I am totally lost…

I am damn totally lost! I don’t know what else can happen in this country. It seems like Malaysia (and of course Malaysian) has becomes a laughing stock in the eye of the world. Within few days so many things had happend:

1) Majority of BN MP bring sent to Taiwan for so called agricultural study, then followed by PR MP who was sent to ‘communicate’ with the ‘potential’ rebels within BN MP. Why have to travel all the way to Taiwan during fasting month ? Who’s money they are using ? What benefits we can get from this trip ?

2) The detainment of a reporter, a blogger and an opposition MP under ISA act, and the lame excuse given by the home minister. The reporter was released 24 hours later an again some lame excuses was given, which even my grandma will laugh from the grave (really, seriously it’s true)

Damn it, what happened to Malaysia ? Now it has turned into a circus with everyone trying to put up a good show to ‘entertain’ the crowd. How I wish if I can leave this country for several years and ignore all the nonsense. then come back later, if it does not self-destruct first.

Really speechless today, what a shame!


Funny post from one of the ‘pendatang’ :)

All the huh-hah about the pendatang issue is coming to and end finally (hopefully). But one of the pendatang among us (Kenny Sia) got some funny post. Go and have a look:

1) Chinese Squatters

2) Ah Mad Strikes Back

Damn funny.

Anyway, all these ‘commotions’ over the pendatang issue for the past few weeks had me wondered if really the gomen going to fall come 16th Sept, will all of us, the pendatang be facing another 513 ? Scary thoughts…..

God bless us.



Yeh, finally tendered my resignation letter today. Yesterday I had a small discussion with my local boss and he agrees with my decision. He feel that the new company might be able to offer a better job prospect too. So today I get my boss and HRA GM to sign my resignation letter. Huh, quite nervous because this is first time I submit a resignation letter 🙂 Guess there’s a first time for everything.

Once I get it signed and submit to HRA, I have a mixed feeling. Feel sad that this moment came earlier than I initially thought. On the other hand I felt excited with the new roles and responsibility as well as new working culture that I am going to face soon. I told a few of my closer colleague about my resignation and they were quite sad about it. It touches me when i felt the sincere sadness and concern from the colleagues. Well they do understand that If I am going to achieve something I have to move on.

My resignation notice is 3 months (huh, wonder why so long). Anyway my boss said its ok for me to offset my notice period with my balance leave. Guest what, I have 44.5 days of balance leave! hehe…. That’s the good point of not taking leaves because you can use it to offset your notice period. After I check and recheck my schedule I think my last day in the office will be around 20th Oct. Then I have about 1 week+ gap before joining new company. I have to settle some arrangement related to our weddings. The new company wanted to sent me for training once I join in Nov, hence in Nov and Dec I think I will not have the time to arrange my personal matters, so better to do it soon.

I  can’t imagine how am I going to react when saying goodbye to my colleagues on my last day. Will I cry ? Aiyo really can’t imagine….. hehe… will tell you more once the time comes.


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