Anwar wins in Permatang Pauh re-election

Yes! Anwar won the Permatang Pauh’s re-election by a very convincing margin. I don’t really understand the whole political scene in Malaysia as it is very confusing right now, but I think his victory shows that no matter what the government says about him, he is still well supported by the people (at least the PP people).

What can we, or at least I can look forward for after his victory ? Frankly I am not sure…. Of course the opposition’s power in the House will be much greater now as they have their inspiring leader leading the charge. Hopefully there will be a much more check-and-balance in terms of how to govern our beloved country.

On the other hand, everyone is talking about the possibility (or the lack of it) for the opposition to topple BN come 16th Sept. I am not sure it is a good thing or not if It really happens. Will there be another 513 incidents ? I am very much worry about this because lately still some stupids from both side of the camp taunting racism speech and thoughts. We are now into 51 years of independent and yet still such idiot exist in our country. All these political instability is not going to help the people to get through daily’s life easily. With the price of everything under the sun is going up up up, lets hope the government (whether BN or PR) will pay attention to serving the people, and not their own political interests.

Well, lets wait and see what will happened eventually. I hope that everyone will be rational enough and don’t get emotional with the political scene in our country. Lets leave the political issues to the politicians, we shall judge them on how they serve us, and If they are screwing us then we should make sure we vote for the right people next time.

On a personal level, I just hope that I can go through my life in a safe and progressive environment. I wish that everyone will be treated fairly (if not equally), regardless whether you are Ali, Ah Kau or Sami.

By the way, Happy Independence Day!



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