Dream of 1st Olympic gold medal shattered!

I have been very anxious yesterday, as I still ‘mourning’ the lost of my beloved hand phone. I was hoping that at least our badminton player Lee Chong Wei would put up a good fight, hopefully able to win our country’s first gold medal in Olympic, and hence brighten up my day.

The badminton final was between Lin Dan (China, World #1) against Lee Chong Wei (M’sia, World#2). This is the first time our country has a representative in men singles event. I think the whole Malaysia is looking forward to this match as I believe all of us need some goods news, and not news about who is f#$!!@# who’s backside which filled our prime time news on TV and in news papers.

The game started at 8.45pm and I was immediately glued to the TV set, anticipating an exciting game between the world #1 and #2, and hoping that ultimately we will win the gold medal. Lo and behold…. in less than 40 minutes our best bet for gold medal went down tamely to the Chinese player. I am so disappointed that I can’t even have a good sleep last night!

Anyway, come to think about it, its not an easy game for Lee, furthermore it was held in China, in front of tens of thousands of Chinese supporters. When I saw Lee appeared on court doing the warm-up immediately I told myself that he is definitely going to loose it. Why ? Because his face tells it all; one can see that he is having a ‘stage fright’ and he was heavy footed. Well, the rest, as they said, was history…..

To Chong Wei’s credit, I think he put up a good effort in begging our country’s only silver medals. Its tough task, I understand that. I was just hoping that he can put up a good fight, showing the never-say-die spirits such as one shown by Foo Kok Kiong during the Thomas Cub long ago. Anyway, he is a good all-round player, lets hope that he will be able to play in the next London Olympic and hopefully that time we can go for it, again.

Until then, cheers!


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