Still in Singapore, down with flu and fever :(

How come everytime when I went on business trip to Singapore I would catch a cold ? I got this flu and slight fever for 3 days now and it seems like getting worst. Took some Panadol flu medicine but its not long lasting. I think the changing weather here is the main reason why I catched a cold, sometime its hot, other time its just rains cats and dogs!

I am suppose to go back to Melaka today so I checked out from hotel already. Then upon discussion with my colleagues and boss here they requested me to stay 1 more day. Aiyo got to check in hotel again later, and the hotel i stayed in previously is fully occupied so got to moved to another hotel. Its ok also, last night some weird thing happened….. I remembered I have closed the toilet door before I went to sleep then around 1am I woke up (due to sweating after taking Panadol) then I found out that the toilet door is open……… aiyo…… felt scared but not too scared because I have such experience before (TV was on automatically when I was in China). So its good to move out from that hotel too 🙂

Now waiting for boss to finish his meeting then will go out for dinner with him. I hope can go back earlier so that I can rest for tomorrow’s discussion.

Oh ya we managed to buy our wedding rings already. Finally we decided to go for Gold ring instead of white gold, mainly due to we would like to follow to tradition, and another reason is White Gold is too expensive. We saw 1 pair which we really love. with diamonds, its around 2000++ SDL. For Singaporean It is quite cheap but for us I think we can’t afford that now 🙂 Anyway we love the gold ring that we bought. I will take a photo of it later as the ring is with my gf now.



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