Have you WORDLE yet ??

Just bump into this website while looking for some Lotus Notes development related site. http://wordle.net I think this is a very creative and best of all its FREE!!! You can key in some text or even refer it to your blog or any website and then it can generate “word cloud” for you and you can tweak it around to get the best effect that you wanted. Check out the same samples below which I created by referring to my weblog.

Susan, this one is generated based on your weblog, unfortunately it can’t generate double byte words such as Chinese so it was shown as small boxes but its quite interesting nonetheless.

One thing is that you will need to have JAVA runtime installed for your browser. If you are unable to access to run the wordle applet then you can go to www.java.com and click on the download button and just follow the instructions.

Another thing is that the wordle applet does not generate any image file to your PC directly. What you can do is that press ALT+PrintScreen button, then paste it to any image editor/viewer then crop the image. I think anyone with little knowledge on image editing will be able to do it.

Go ahead, try it out!



2 Responses to “Have you WORDLE yet ??”

  1. 1 sansan
    July 9, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    friend, thanks for having me in mind when you do for ur weblog. however, i am not good with these things. maybe one day i will have to go to see you, and have a tutorial from u. 🙂

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