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Terrible day!!!

Its 3.00am now and here I am sitting in front of my office PC 😦 #@*&^%#@  Being called back around 12.30am while I was packing my things for my business trip to Singapore. Initially I thought its a small issue so would take 1/2 hour to solve. But who knows it is a damn big issues that I don’t solve it there will be hundreds of angry user staring at IT department tomorrow 🙂

Something broke down and now waiting for support guys who is rushing from KL to my office as I type this blog. Huh, crazy…. I suppose to leave to Singapore in another 4 hours…. don’t know can solve this problem or not. Hopefully It can be solve otherwise have to do a last minute cancellation of my Singapore b/trip!!!!

July has not been a good month for us, as we have 2 break down incidents already. Aiyo with all the sophisticated equipment one would have thought that things going to be easier but in reality it isn’t so.

Wish me luck! need plenty of it now.

No cheers for today 😦


Anwar Ibrahim’s visit to Cheng Melaka

This is a belated blog of an event happened on 18th July 2008 – the day when Anwar Ibrahim visited our village (my neighbor’s house to be exact) as part of his country wide ‘tour’. It was an exciting day for our ‘kampung’ people because this is the first time such VVIP (ex DPM, and PM-in-waiting) visits to our village to give talks. When I reached home from work at about 6.30pm there were some food stalls being setup and there was even a durian stall at the roadside. My goodness!

I brought along my DSLR to attend the event, hoping to be able to catch some photos of Anwar Ibrahim. It’s not everyday that you got a chance to see such VVIP in real person so definitely cannot let go such opportunity. Initially the crowd was small and some people went on stage to give speech but response was ‘cold’ as there weren’t many people. Then around 8.30pm the crowd start to build and by the time Anwar reached It was so crowded, I think at peak there’s about 4000 people! This is the first time our village has such huge crowd attending a single function!

Anyway, I am not going to dwell into the political messages that being brought up that night, you can read it from here or here. Personally I think that among the existing bunch of politicians, Anwar Ibrahim is by far the greatest orator in our country (on par with Dr M). He was able to deliver his thoughts and political visions clearly and made people believed in his ideology. Although I am not 100% sure whether he meant what he said during that night, as we all know that politic is dirty, but judging based on the crowd’s response he definitely got it right. His speech lasted about 40 minutes and the crowd enjoyed each and every moment of it. At the middle of his speech there’s some police officer tried to stop him but Anywar’s lawyer able to ‘persuade’ the police to let him continue on his speech. I heard there’s also road block setup by the police around the village area. Fortunately there was no unwanted incidents during this event.

The whole function ended at around 9.30pm and the crowd move slowly leaving the venue. I felt tired due to the packed crowded, as well as due to hectic day in the office, but I felt excited as I was able to capture some nice photos 🙂 see it below 🙂

Mr Lim’s house compound used as the venue for PKR’s roadshow talk

Forgotten his name but a fiery and capable speaker nonetheless

Mr Anwar Ibrahim’s arrival being greeted by swarm of crowd

In feisty mood during his speech

Anwar giving his speech while his security guard keeping a close watch

Making a point, animated as usual

The crowd sitting in front of the stage listening attentively

“The next day after we formed the government, we will reduce petrol price by 50 cents!” – and the crowd cheered!

“And that is just a start, we will reduce further to lighten the burden of the people.” (If i remember correctly)

Promoting the CD containing debate session between Anwar and Minister of Information

That’s all folks! If you intend to use any of the photo in this post do let me know.



My poor Rocky :(

That’s how my beloved dog looks like at the moment. He is so annoyed with the skin problem he got at around his neck area. Even with the plastic protector around his neck he still tried to scratch it. I think the itchiness is unbearable for him. Luckily today seems to be better as he didn’t bark as much compared to yesterday. Probably he is dizzy due to the medicine as well. Hopefully rocky will be back to his normal self within this few days…. poor little thing…. He looks very depressed. I can relate that to the pulsating tinnitus(not the normal tinnitus, this one you can feel the muscle inside the ear twitching rapidly, so unbearable) that I experienced last Dec. It was so terrible that I can’t live a normal life for 2 weeks. Luckily I meet a chinese doc that able to prescribe some herbs which cured this problem (although my normal tinnitus still there). During that time even the best ENT in town said don’t know what to do.

Anyway, I pray for Rockie’s speedy recovery.


I am back :)

Nice to be back to Melaka but while I was away something happened at home:

– Due to heavy rain and some roof leakage the wood wall was soak in rain water, hence father decided to replace the wooden wall, so now its quite messy around the house

– Rocky was down with some skin infection around his neck, mum and dad brought him to see vet few days ago and was give some injection and pills. But last night he was very noisy, barking whole night long until all of us can’t sleep well. So this morning bring him to see vet again and doc put on sort of a neck protector onto his collar so that he will not scratch his neck. Hopefully he will be well in few days time, he seems to lost some weight 😦

Well, next week got to go to Singapore office again for several days. In the coming weeks I think I will have to travel to Singapore frequently due to the ongoing project. Will be hectic month ahead.



Still in Singapore, down with flu and fever :(

How come everytime when I went on business trip to Singapore I would catch a cold ? I got this flu and slight fever for 3 days now and it seems like getting worst. Took some Panadol flu medicine but its not long lasting. I think the changing weather here is the main reason why I catched a cold, sometime its hot, other time its just rains cats and dogs!

I am suppose to go back to Melaka today so I checked out from hotel already. Then upon discussion with my colleagues and boss here they requested me to stay 1 more day. Aiyo got to check in hotel again later, and the hotel i stayed in previously is fully occupied so got to moved to another hotel. Its ok also, last night some weird thing happened….. I remembered I have closed the toilet door before I went to sleep then around 1am I woke up (due to sweating after taking Panadol) then I found out that the toilet door is open……… aiyo…… felt scared but not too scared because I have such experience before (TV was on automatically when I was in China). So its good to move out from that hotel too 🙂

Now waiting for boss to finish his meeting then will go out for dinner with him. I hope can go back earlier so that I can rest for tomorrow’s discussion.

Oh ya we managed to buy our wedding rings already. Finally we decided to go for Gold ring instead of white gold, mainly due to we would like to follow to tradition, and another reason is White Gold is too expensive. We saw 1 pair which we really love. with diamonds, its around 2000++ SDL. For Singaporean It is quite cheap but for us I think we can’t afford that now 🙂 Anyway we love the gold ring that we bought. I will take a photo of it later as the ring is with my gf now.



Core competencies of a good leader

Came across this when I was goggling for some leadership related articles. Read on, I think it is quite nice. It makes me think of my previous Japanese boss who although is a bit bad tempered but a good leader nonetheless. Nowadays I don’t see such people in my organization, which is a sad thing. I myself, trying to be a good leader but I also need a good example for me to follow, I think this is what lacking now in my workplace. Anyway, based on the self evaluation below I managed to score 71 points, so I am a self-proclaimed “C” ranked leader 🙂 This check sheet served as a benchmark tool for continuous improvement so its good to know where one stands and what should be done. Cheers!


These 10 core competencies comprise good leadership

Denver Business Journal – by William S. Frank

Use this test to rate your leadership ability.

There are 10 categories, each worth 10 points. If you feel you have a competency fully developed, give yourself 10 points. If it’s not developed at all, no points. Grade yourself as follows: 50=F, 60=D, 70=C, 80=B, 90-100=A. Scores of 70+ are in the target range. Scores below 70 indicate weaknesses worth correcting, or else a lack of desire or suitability for leadership.

Use your results to create a development plan for your career. In other words, if you’re lacking in an area, seek mentors, training or coaching to shore up your weakness. Most importantly, however, leverage your strengths.

  • Visionary.

Good leaders create a vision, a picture of the future, of where they want to take their organizations. Leaders can improve both the quality and acceptance of the vision by partnering with their peers, executive team, key employees throughout the organization or outside consultants. To get the best vision you need lots of ideas, and people support what they help to create.

  • Inspirational.

Once a vision is established, great leaders can inspire everyone in the company to get onboard. Employees in great organizations are passionate about what they do. This inspiration extends to customers, investors, suppliers, boards of directors and all other stakeholders.

This doesn’t mean good leaders have to be charismatic or great public speakers, though some are. Leaders may inspire by example or in low-key ways. Every word and action demonstrates their passion for the vision.

  • Strategic.

Strategic leaders are clear and directly face the strengths and weaknesses of their own organizations, as well as their external opportunities and threats. They think in terms of leverage, fishing where the big fish are and partnering to gain market advantage. While interested in one sale, they would rather create pipelines and strategic alliances that generate thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of sales.

  • Tactical.

Wired like businesspeople, good leaders are bottom-line oriented and extraordinarily committed to results. They thrive on facts, figures, numbers and data. They’re interested in ROI, ROE and EBIDTA. If not numbers-oriented themselves, they surround themselves with strong financial talent.

  • Focused.

Once vision and mission (a brief, clear statement of the reasons for an organization’s existence) are established, good leaders achieve what they set out to do before launching new initiatives. By contrast, poor leaders may have dozens of conflicting programs and priorities. Leaders with 20 priorities essentially have no priorities.

  • Persuasive.

Not necessarily salespeople, good leaders can bring others to their point of view using logic, reason, emotion and the force of their personalities. They motivate by persuasion rather than intimidation. The key here is the leader speaking from his or her heart.

  • Likeable.

Good leaders are people-centric. They may be scientists, engineers or technical experts by background, but they recognize interpersonal skills are paramount. They display high degrees of emotional intelligence, and thrive on finesse and likeability.

They want to be liked — and they are. Again, the key is what’s inside the leader. Likeability comes from the inside out.

  • Decisive.

Sometimes shooting from the hip, good leaders can make decisions quickly — often with incomplete data. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

Rarely is a leader able to get 100 percent of the information needed for a decision. Typically it is “60 percent and go” or “80 percent and go.”

  • Ethical.

Good leaders are direct and straightforward. They set clear performance expectations and hold people accountable. This requires being direct and truthful, which can be difficult but — more often than not — is natural for the principle-based leader. Good leaders know it’s hard to beat the truth.

  • Open to feedback.

Good leaders are open and dedicated to lifelong learning. They seek feedback about their performance through direct conversations and objective tools such as 360-degree reviews. Seeking continuous improvement in their companies, they also seek it for themselves.

After reviewing these criteria, you may still have the age-old question: Can leadership really be learned or are good leaders just born?

Denver leadership expert Jim Downey comes down on the side that good leaders can be developed. “Good leaders develop by practicing the right behaviors,” he says. “It is like golf. You can spend hours on the driving range, but if you are not practicing the right fundamentals, you will never be a good golfer. By practicing the 10 core competencies of good leaders, you can improve your leadership skills.

“You will also be modeling the right behaviors [fundamentals] for others, who watch their leaders surprisingly closely. You may end up an organization full of leaders with surprising success.”

William S. Frank is president/CEO of CareerLab, a career strategy and leadership consulting firm based in Denver. Reach him at or 720-203-6800.


Ring (Not the ‘ring’ in my ear though)

Planning to get our wedding ring (wedding band) this weekend in Singapore as I will be on B/T to S’pore next week. Having tough decision whether to go for gold, white gold, platinum or mixed gold. My gf brought some catalogs from jewelry shop in Singapore and ‘wah piang’ so many selections. But good thing is that we have limited budget so at least we know what is the upper limit of what we going to spend for the ring. Anyway I hope to get a gold one, as normally older people (read our parents) will prefer us to have gold wedding rings, although they say ‘its ok, up to you’ 🙂 I do understand most of the custom in Chinese culture has some truth in it so its better to follow the custom whenever possible.

But actually I dont like gold, I would prefer white gold as it looks nicer on my skin, my gf as well. Platinum is quite expensive so at the moment it ‘might’ be off our budget, provided if my finance minister (read gf) agreed to increase budget then its ok 🙂 But one thing is that white gold in Mandarin does not sound nice at all 😦 so its kind a taboo although lots of people now a days don’t really care about it anymore.

Anyhow, let’s see how it goes. I do hope that we can find a suitable one this week.

Wish me luck 🙂

PS: just came across this info on the website:

选择结婚戒指时不要只重视时款而勿略其耐用性 。由于结婚戒指具有永恒不变、天长地久的意义,故钻石便成为最受欢迎的选择。
一些白金及黄金的混合介指因物料不同故不能再次修改尺寸,选购 时必须考虑。而纯白金的制成品因质料坚固,长久使用也不变色,是合适的选择。再在设计上镶些钻石和宝石便可。 一些珠宝店除有现成的制成品供选购外,亦可自己或由设计师构思创作。
希腊文ademas 代表不可征服之意。是云云宝石中最坚硬的一种。古罗马人一直认为它代表生命和永恒,到了十五世纪更被认定为代表坚贞不渝的结婚象徵意义。它代表爱的宣言。 若镶上三颗钻石的代表I LOVE YOU;而五颗钻石的代表WILL YOU BE MY WIFE
在中国人的婚礼中,金器是不可或缺 的配饰。尤其当新娘穿上挂裙时,金器便不可缺小。在传统理念中,新娘佩戴饰物的数目愈多代表体面愈大,到了今天,金饰设计款式己与其它首饰并驾齐驱,而传统的龙凤手镯亦在设计上走进时尚感。

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