Cant think of a suitable title for my post today. Just came back after a meeting in Shah Alam today. Sleepy, tired and hungry, and worst of all a crap meeting what didn’t meet my expectation. Tomorrow will have a business trip to Singapore again, for 3 days. Huh this month full of outstation business trip.

So many things to be considered lately, and I think will have to make a decision soon about one of the turning point in my life. Didn’t expect to expedite it but I think under this circumstances I have no other choices. Anyway not a bad thing at all, just something happened that I got to change my plan accordingly.

On the other hand, I am still trying to workout my next phase of my career. Luckily my boss is very supportive and today we had a discussion after the meeting, that we almost clear about what which project I will handle and where to be located. Anyway still a long way from realizing this as there’s too many people involved in the decision making chain so got to wait and see. But I hope within the next 6 month everything will be cleared and I will know for sure what is the company’s arrangement. I still hope to work for this company because I have a vision of what I wanted to achieved. I know I probably will be able to do the same thing in different company but i prefer to do it here, because I felt that the company still got lot’s of untapped potential.

Best of luck to myself 🙂


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