WTF! Petrol price increased by 40%???!!!

I am in Singapore for business trip when I got the news that gomen going to increase the petrol price by more than 40%. Now its RM 2.70 per litre. OMG!!! Now the domino affect will starts and everything will be much costly!! How are we average-earning people going to survive with this sudden shock?!

Of course I know that the market price for crude oil is all time high now. I also understand that gomen cannot afford continue to pay huge subsidy. But before doing this isn’t that the gomen should at least review all the MEGA and SUPER MEGA projects ?? What about abolish those projects which only make richer people much richer, and concentrate on improving the public transport system ? Look at Melaka, the public transport system is so damn pathetic to say the least! How are we going to use the public transport when the bus is only covering small percentage of the route, not to mention the condition of the bus it self.

And then the matter of refunding RM 625 (if not mistaken) for owner who’s driving car lower than 2000cc ? No clear direction, then why announce new price scheme when all the details have not work out yet ? And of course the ultimate question : why we as a net oil-exporter country yet we cannot enjoy lower petrol price ? If you read anywhere you can see that Petronas is earning record high profits. So why why why that we can’t enjoy the profits that being made by our oil company ???

Of course all these rantings will not bring us anywhere, we need to start to consider how to improve our lifestyle, and be more cautious to the usage of the resources. Optimize our trip by using optimum route, use public transport (if it is possible), car pool etc etc. Come to think about it, I think this is good in a sense that will be able to contribute to nature preservation, but I think the inflation and high living cost will out-weight it easily.

Ya another thing that we can do is to exercise the vote in our hand. Let’s wait and see what will happens in 4 years time during the 13th GE. Ah well who knows what Anwar said is true, that the gomen will be toppled in Sept this year and petrol price will be reduced.

We live in interesting time indeed. At the mean time eat less if you cant afford it 🙂 I know i will !


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