I am relieved that finally today I was able to contact my friend in Chong Qing. I tried to contact her several times after the earthquake in SiChuan province to no avail. She told me that she was working in her office which is located on 32th floor when the earthquake happens. The whole building was shaking and she thought that her time was up. She ran from the 32th floor to the ground through the evacuation stairs and thank god everything is fine, at least in Chong Qing there was no serious damage compared to SiChuan.

I also called up my China’s ex-colleague several days ago, his parents in living in SiChuan province and he told me that his family was ok, just some damages to the house but no lost of lives. His family is lucky as compared to tens of thousand others. I felt so sad when I saw the pictures on the newspaper and i flick through it quickly as i can’t stand seeing those sad photos. There’s a piece of news today saying that a victim has to amputate her leg by her own hand,  as there’s no enough clearance for the medical staff to do it. So sad to see this….

I hope that they will be able to rescue more survivors and lets hope for the best.  I think we are not able to do much here, except giving some donations and prayers to the earthquake victims.

On the other hand, lets not forget the cyclone victims in Myanmar, I think we have not give enough attention to them, compared to the China’s earthquake incidents. Lets pray for them… Amitabha.


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