Class of 76

This is the our group photo for the “Class of 76”. I came across this photo yesterday while flipping through my photo album to search for some idea of what to be posted.

Click on the photo for enlarged version

Since the initial people I wanted to invite to my blog will be my SRJK(C) Cheng’s classmate so I decided to post a cute group photo of our class.

If I am not mistaken the photo was taken during Grade 3, which is about 23 years ago. Aren’t we cute ! Blink and its already 23 years! Mostly already married and have children, but few (such as yours truly) still single, but not available 😉

Oh ya, Grace, check out the photo, see whether you can recognize which one is your cute boy boy 😉

So if you guys have any other photos please email to me, I would like to gather it and post it here. Should be interesting 🙂 Maybe If I have the time I will try to come out with a ‘before’ ‘after’ kind of photo It will be interesting, all of us sitting at the same position as the old photo…. too bad I think its almost impossible now. Anyway, if you have some ideas do let me know !



2 Responses to “Class of 76”

  1. April 23, 2008 at 7:51 am

    It’s just such the coincident, i found you in the facebook.
    and also, in the same time, i also wanted to find my primary & secondary schoolmates.

    I noticed that you are the only primary schoolmate that still in touched. even that, you are not the same year of mine!!!!

    How can that be?? 🙂 so, please, if you have my schoolmates’s contacts, please do not be stingy!. GIVE IT TO ME!!! ;p

  2. 2 belachan
    April 26, 2008 at 7:25 pm

    it was taken on either the children’s day or some singing competition day,wasn’t it? everyone looked so handsome, pretty, and happy.

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