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Busy day!

What a busy day, covering some of the shit being left by my assistant who left the company yesterday. Normally I don’t mind to cover my assistant job but I am really disappointed with this guy. Before he left I already asked him to complete some tasks but today I find out that most of the thing he completed only on the surface level. I trusted him that’s why I didn’t check everything before he leaves the office. Its a big mistake on my part.

Well, nothing too serious but I was hoping that he can at least complete the tasks which I assigned to him. Instead for the whole week he was spending 80% of the time at some where in the company. When I asked him he told me that he is doing some support task which I am doubtful of, but usually I will not say anything unless I see something with my own eyes.

Anyhow, he already left and part of me felt somewhat relieved. He never fit in our team properly. There’s no proper communication between him and the rest of us. He is fine with other department’s colleague but within our own team he is acting differently.

There’s one time when I had a discussion with him about some issues which I felt he is not doing correctly, but end up I walked out of the meeting room with my b/p reaching 180/120 I guess. I have never met someone like that in my 12 years of working here. So self-centered and not able to accept other people’s opinion, on top of that being rude towards me, which is his boss. From that day onwards I was waiting to see when he will quit and I totally give up on him.

Some people can be good friend but will never be a good colleague/subordinates. Some people you just can’t change their mindset. Probably my approach is wrong (which i doubt so), probably he just doesnt fit into an team, instead he would probably suitable working as lone ranger. Well good luck to him anyway….

And its hard to get new people nowadays, posted advertisement on jobstreet for 2 weeks already, there’s only a handful of people applied and yet mostly does not fit into the requirements that we are looking for (either over or under qualified)

I think I will be damn busy for the coming months…… aiyaya…..


Digital Camera’s memory recovery

Last Sunday our company organized a bowling competition which I participated. The end result was I got #2 in Individual high score and got #2 in Man Team event. Will blog more about it later.

Today HR guy told me that all the photo taken during the bowling game was gone! It turn out that the memory card was corrupted (Memory card not formatted error message).

I was googling high and low searching for free software which can retrieve the raw data directly from the memory card (Apacer 1GB SD Card) . Finally i bump into a software called “Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery“, the name sounds weird but since its free then I just give it a shot.

Surprisingly the software did a decent job and after 30 minutes it’s able to recover about 280 images (460MB)!

So I would definitely recommend you to use this software to recover your corrupted memory card. Of course there’s no guarantee of how many files can be recovered. Keep your finger crossed and if you have been a good boy/girl so far definitely you will be able to recover most of your photos πŸ™‚

You can get the software from here :

Its quite straightforward to use, but if you need any help just drop me a message then I can guide you along.



Its shower time!

Last Saturday my girl friend was very anxious because she wanted to try out the doggie’s ‘health care’ products that she bought from S’pore (She buy, but I pay). The anti ticks/fleas shampoo seems to be effective as during the bath there were a few ticks/fleas (I can’t tell which is which) found dead in the water. After the bath she applied flea repellent on to his body, as well as getting him to take the supplementary food (some persuasion by force required).

While we are doing this, our cat (Xiao Bai) seems to be in bad mood, probably due to Rocky getting all the attention instead of him. You can tell from the photo that he is not in a good mood that day.

Hopefully after this the fleas and ticks will be getting lesser and this will stop Rocky from scratching himself.Β  Enjoy the photos!

Enjoying a thorough cleaning using anti ticks/fleas shampoo

aaaahhh…. si beh song!

Xiao Bai is not impressed at all.

Drying up

Applying ticks/fleas repellent

You human can’t even dry a dog ? Let me do it myself!

Rocky endorsing the products that he used

Wonder why he has such a long tongue…

Rocky going for food

Enjoying evening walk


Hurray! Its Payday!

Normally I wouldn’t be this excited as my pay does not change much month to month, but this month I will get a pay raise due to my promotion,as well as yearly salary increment. On top of that there are some back-pay for across the board adjustment.

Hehe, so some ‘unexpected’ pay this month, can treat my darling some nice food this weekend πŸ™‚

** HAPPY **

Update : 3:00pm

Ooppss, my wallet is RM260 lighter now as my darling just told me that she bought shampoo, spray, ears drips, and supplementary food for Rocky. Talk about money comes money goes, whoosh and there goes my money. But its OK lah, doggie need some pampering too πŸ™‚


Nice Calendar!

Came across this nice calendar today. It was created by some Russian company for their client. It shows different countries from the perspective of a car driver. Very creative! Are you able to tell which country the calendar represents ? Click of the image for larger view.

My guessing : Russia, ?????, France, Japan, India, Mexico, UAE??, Zimbabwe??, USA, Germany, England and Itali.

Too bad I am very bad at drawing otherwise I wanted to create a Malaysia version of this calendar. Things that must be included into the drawing for Malaysia version are : Teh tarik, sending SM while driving, air-cond at full power, miniature of Twin tower, Mat Rempit carrying Malaysia’s Flag on road, Air Asia banner on the road side, Mamak stall etc etc… Any other things that came across your mind ?


No, you can’t get my movie there!

Guess what, even the most famous Doctor in Malaysia (errrr… second to Tun MM) has a blog now. Check it out at

Nope, you wouldn’t find any hanky-panky DVD there, and nope, no blue pill prescription from the doc either πŸ˜‰ It’s plain politics related topics but quality is good, and his blog is updated frequently. Good on ya, doc!

Oh ya, do you know that our ‘beloved’ CM of Melaka has a blog too?!! But since I am not a fan of him I will not put up his link here, if you want you can just google it. I wonder how much they pay for bloggers to update and maintain his blog, should be good money I think. I think after the 12th Election all these YBs has new title :- Yang Berblog !

Funny though cos just not too long ago these people used to call bloggers Monkey, Goblok and etc etc…

How fast things can change ya.



Class of 76

This is the our group photo for the “Class of 76”. I came across this photo yesterday while flipping through my photo album to search for some idea of what to be posted.

Click on the photo for enlarged version

Since the initial people I wanted to invite to my blog will be my SRJK(C) Cheng’s classmate so I decided to post a cute group photo of our class.

If I am not mistaken the photo was taken during Grade 3, which is about 23 years ago. Aren’t we cute ! Blink and its already 23 years! Mostly already married and have children, but few (such as yours truly) still single, but not available πŸ˜‰

Oh ya, Grace, check out the photo, see whether you can recognize which one is your cute boy boy πŸ˜‰

So if you guys have any other photos please email to me, I would like to gather it and post it here. Should be interesting πŸ™‚ Maybe If I have the time I will try to come out with a ‘before’ ‘after’ kind of photo It will be interesting, all of us sitting at the same position as the old photo…. too bad I think its almost impossible now. Anyway, if you have some ideas do let me know !


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