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i am back (again :) )

I just came back from my China business trip. Was in China from 21st March until 14th April, almost 4 weeks for business trip. I am not that busy lately but somehow I lost the fire to update my blog. Hopefully with this blog entry my blogaholic will return πŸ™‚

Writing this blog entry using Microsoft Live Writer which seems to be a nice tool, will explore more on this later.

I have plenty of things to be uploaded into my blog, these are the to-dos:

– Wedding photos, China trip’s photo, about life and works, etc etc.

At the moment this is just a quickie, will blog again very soon!



I am back!

Yes! Finally I am back from Denmark ( well actually I came back week ago but just plain lazy to update myΒ  blog :))

It has been more than 2 months since my last post, time really flies! The last 2 months was one of the highlights of my 2008 experience πŸ™‚ Got a chance to visit my new company’s HQ in Denmark, meeting lots of new and interestingΒ  colleagues from many different parts of the world, managed to find some free time to travel to different places in Europe… all in all it has been a very good experience for me.

Anyway, this post is sort of a quick shout, just to let people know that I am back to the world of blogging (mmm… actually I don’t have that many fans at the moment, but at least I have the Tan sisters πŸ™‚ cheers girls! )

I am still in the middle of sorting out and touching up the photos that I had taken during my trip in Europe, few thousands of them…. 😐

Anyway, you can visit my Picasa website for a quick glance of some of the photos which I posted there. The link is as below:


That’s all for now, will post more when I have the time for it.


By the way, the WordPress’s new Dashboard is really cool! They are getting better and better! Good job guys! Just hope that one that they will release an offline blog editor then I can blog much more frequently… finger crossed!


Busy busy busy

Sorry again for the lack of update, being really busy after come back from Kuching. Several things to be taken care of:

1) Sell of my car, in fact I just get all the documentation done and receive the payment from the car dealer. I bought the car 9 years back for RM 62,000 and only managed to sell it to car dealer for RM 6,500. My goodness a lost of RM 56,000 over 9 years period. Pengsan! But no choice la since I am moving to Singapore no point keeping the car although I will miss ‘him’ very much.

2) Renting out my house. Bought a house few years back and was ‘deserted’ for 2 years since I have not figure out what to do with it since my work is not firmed. But now everything is cleared so I wanted to rent it out rather than sell it. But actually the rental is quite low, only RM450 per month for the whole unit. What to do, the economy condition is bad and the rental around that area is quite cheap. My mortgage repayment is around 950 per month so I still have to top upΒ  500 every month. I guess it should be ok, just hope that the tenant will take good care of my house. Now we are busy getting the house ready for the tenant (water, electricity, grills, lamps, fan etc etc, cost me lots of $$$$$ )

3) Still many documents have yet to be completed in order to hand over to my team, die don’t know can manage to finish it off or not!

Well, I have not post about the wedding photo shot session which I have gone through, will do it once I can find free slot in my busy schedule.

I still have my shopping to be done prior to move to Singapore and subsequently flying off to Denmark, busy busy busy…..

Cheers… in a rush….


13th Oct 2008, Officially Mr & Mrs Chong

Yeah ! Finally we have gone through our wedding registration without any incidents πŸ™‚ Well initially we thought our wedding registration will have to be put on hold as there’s a small fine print in the wedding registration form stating that if one is from other district, he/she should stay at least 7 days in Kuching prior to wedding registration. Well luckily that rules applied only if he/she having the wedding registration done at the government office. Our registration is done at the Teo-Chew association hence that rule does not apply. Lucky us πŸ™‚ Below are some of the photos to share with you guys!
The ever famous Statutory Declaration, well, mine was not as 'juicy' as the one by Bala, just a declaration that I am single and not married anywhere. I am not sure whether in west Malaysia this is a requirement or not, but over here if the other half is from west Malaysia, then a Statutory Declaration is required. Very serious neh.

The ever famous Statutory Declaration, well, mine was not as 'juicy' as the one by Bala, just simple statement declaring that I am single and not married anywhere. Not sure whether this is required over West Malaysia or not, but here if the other half is from West Malaysia, a SD is required, very serious de neh πŸ™‚


We sat around the conference style table with the registration officer sitting in the middle. We felt like attending a board meeting more than wedding registration πŸ˜› The officer briefed us on some of the clauses in relation to Malaysia Marriage Law.

Putting my signature onto the wedding certificate. Sort of a contract signing ceremony whereby both party and the witness need to sign the paper.


My ah dear sign the document as well. No turning back from here onwards πŸ˜›


The wedding officer asked why our signature looks alike. Hehe, no choice both of us having the same surname (but different chinese character). Anyway my wife said this officer looks like Mario (the plumber in the Super Mario game) πŸ˜›


The "I DO" segment πŸ™‚ Well not as romantic as what we have seem zillion-th times on the TV but yet a very special moment for both of us.


Our wedding ring, bought from Poh Heng in Singapore. We like the simple design. Unfortunately it is not a 'comfort fit' version but that's alright for us.

Our wedding ring, bought from Poh Heng in Singapore. We like the simple design. Unfortunately it is not a 'comfort fit' version, but that's alright for us. We noticed that Singapore's gold has more shine to it as compared to Malaysia's gold.

Exchanging our wedding ring. Actually the wedding registration does not include a ring exchange ceremony. The officer just said that the wedding registration is complete, we can proceed with what ever ceremony that we want to carry on.

Exchanging our wedding ring. Actually the wedding registration does not include a ring exchange ceremony. The officer just said that the wedding registration is complete, we can proceed with what ever ceremony that we want to carry on. So we fast-hand-fast-leg exchange our wedding ring.

) He is a nice chap in deed.

Group photo with Mr Mario, err i mean Mr Goh the wedding registration officer πŸ™‚ He is a nice chap in deed.

All in all the whole process lasted about 30 minutes. Faster that what we would imagine. Anyway, 13th October 2008, a date which we changed our status from ‘single’ to ‘married’, a date which we will never forget (I hope I will not forget even for once else she will definetely scream at me πŸ˜› ). The whole feeling of getting married have yet to sink in, IΒ guess in the coming weeks we will start to realize slowly what being married really feels like πŸ˜‰ But this is only the first part of the whole marriage process, as we still got our Chinese wedding ceremony to go through.

That’s all for this post now, later if I have time I will post another blog about our wedding photo shot session. Yah I went through the whole photo shot session without loosing my temper and survived it πŸ˜› Will share with you guys later.

Cheers from Kuching!



Pre-marriage syndrome?

I am still having the giddiness which has been bothering me for almost 3 weeks! Went to hospital to see an ENT yesterday and he prescribes some medicine for me. Hopefully after completing the medicine it will recover. I feel very tired everyday, something like motion sickness. It affects my concentration especially at work.

One of my net friend says that I might be getting pre-marriage syndrome. πŸ˜‰ I doubt so πŸ˜›

This Saturday will fly off to Kuching, then Monday will be having our wedding registration, and Tuesday is the wedding photo shot day. I hope my giddiness will go away otherwise I don’t know how I can go through the photo shot properly.

Will be staying in Kuching until end of next week, hopefully before I return to Melaka I will be able to choose the photos to be developed.



Its a Pug, not a Bulldog, dang!

Well just to clarify that the dog that came to our house few weeks ago is a Pug and not a Bulldog πŸ™‚ Luckily someone pointed out.

Did a search on Google then realized that this is the same type of dog which appeared in Men In Black – Frank the Pug. See the wiki link here. (Seems like nowadays everything under the sun can be found on Wiki)

Below is the photo of Frank:

Men in Black Pug by loridz.

Maybe I should suit-up my dog and see how he looks like πŸ™‚ Oh ya, I named my dog already since for 3 weeks no one was searching for him. We call him Bob now πŸ™‚


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